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Vision and objectives

Conservation Farming  Book Cover

Image adapted from the cover of Conservation Farming for Small Farmers in the Humid Tropics co-authored by Ray Wijewardene and Parakrama Waidyanatha.
The objectives of the Trust, as mentioned in the founding document, are as follows:
To promote the advancement of higher education and  research, and to promote, undertake and carry out projects in the spheres of science, engineering, agriculture, energy, the environment, the arts and other areas of public interest.
To provide scholarships or any form of financial assistance to scholars and researchers in the said fields.
To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops and allied activities for the purpose of developing knowledge in the said fields.
To preserve the colleted papers, images and other items in the personal archives of Ray Wijewardene, so as to make them available to researchers and students.
To document and disseminate the many accomplishments of Ray Wijewardene in various spheres of human endeavours and in different countries and regions of the world.
To commemorate the name of Ray Wijewardene by promoting publications and literary works in the fields in which he excelled.
To organize competitions and present awards in the name of Ray Wijewardene in recognition of talented Sri Lankans, especially youth.
To act as the sole guardian of the Ray Wijewardene name both nationally and internationally.
To do all such acts as are in the opinion of the Trustees necessary in the furtherance of the above objects, and to promote the life, the works and memory of Ray Wijewardene.