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Ray Wijewardene with a young friend, Dharshana who brings hims a wig (on his request) from Cambidge, England

Did you know Ray Wijewardene?

The family of Ray Wijewardene invites all those who associated Ray Wijewardene in his multiple endeavours to share their memories, anecdotes and photographs.

Your memories would be invaluable in chronicling the eventful life of Ray, which spanned several decades, many fields of endeavour and a large number of countries. The information may be used, after verification, in the planned biography.

Please send your memories to:
Attn: Ray Wijewardene Biography Project
133, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka
Email address: memories[at]


Images of Ray Wijewardene

Ray Wijewardene at the cockpit of a small planeWe are also looking for photographs showing Ray Wijewardene. Some of these may be used in the planned biography. If you have any photos and agree to share please conact us at: memories[at]

The Ray Wijewardene Charitable Trust and the family are not able to pay for copyrights clearance or licensing of any such images. This request is entirely on a goodwill basis, without involving money. If images are chosen for publication on this website and/or in the biography, we will individually contact the sources for permission and photo credits.



Ray Wijewardene trust

Ray wijewardene Trust logo
The Ray Wijewardene Charitable Trust was set up in 2011 to continue his vision and legacy Read more…

share memories

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